Coach Avram Grant says: “It is More Feasible for Zambia to Go to the AFCON Than the World Cup”

Coach Avram Grant says: “It is More Feasible for Zambia to Go to the AFCON Than the World Cup”

Coach Avram Grant has once again become a trending topic on social media, with many blogs and news outlets quoting his candid reflections following Zambia’s disappointing loss to Tanzania at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium. Speculation is rife that Grant is dissatisfied with the national team’s performance and is feeling the pressure of the recent defeat. When asked if he had considered resigning, Grant firmly stated that he believes he has built a strong team for Zambia and will continue to fight for the best.

A key takeaway from Bright Tembo’s latest trending piece was Grant’s assertion that “Qualifying for the World Cup was not a plan but an ambition.” In a post-match interview, Grant elaborated on his views, stating, “We realize our prospects of going to the World Cup are slim due to our group. You are aware that we performed admirably during the previous year and a half. It was not a goal to go to the World Cup. We want to get to the World Cup, but remember that we are Zambia, not Morocco. We are not like the other teams. It was our desire to attend the World Cup, but we understand how difficult it is.”

Grant emphasized that Zambia’s more realistic objective is to qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). “Going to the Africa Cup for Zambia is more feasible. The first goal was to return to the Africa Cup after a nine-year absence. The second goal was to go to the World Cup, but we knew it would be a difficult group, and Morocco outperformed us,” he stated.

Despite the challenges, Grant remains committed to improving the team’s performance and achieving their goals. His acknowledgment of the hurdles faced by the team underscores the need for realistic expectations while continuing to strive for excellence. As Zambia regroups and prepares for future matches, the focus will be on building resilience and working towards qualifying for the AFCON, a goal that is seen as more attainable in the current context.

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