Clifford Mulenga Urges Zambian Clubs to Prioritize Youth Academies for Football’s Future

Clifford Mulenga Urges Zambian Clubs to Prioritize Youth Academies for Football’s Future

Clifford Mulenga, the Youth Development Officer at the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), has issued a compelling plea to professional football clubs in Zambia, urging them to place a greater emphasis on the development of young talent by establishing their own youth academies.

Mulenga emphasized the pivotal role that clubs play in shaping the future landscape of Zambian football, stressing the need for them to proactively engage in nurturing and harnessing the potential of budding footballers. He remarked, “We can’t have teams playing in the premier league but do not have properly organized youth structures… Football clubs are the main beneficiaries of football players. It’s their duty and responsibility to identify/scout and develop raw talent.”

Highlighting the abundance of talent scattered across the nation, Mulenga called upon clubs to invest in comprehensive scouting programs and dedicated academies. He remarked, “There is too much talent across the 10 provinces of Zambia… for teams to be struggling to invest in scouting/talent identification programs and developing their own players.”

Mulenga firmly believes that well-structured youth academies are indispensable in elevating Zambian football to desired standards. He asserted, “Once clubs realize the value of having well-structured youth teams, our football will greatly improve to the standards we desire.”

In conclusion, Mulenga placed the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of clubs, emphasizing their pivotal role in building a brighter future for Zambian football. He emphasized, “The onus should be on the clubs to make Zambian football great.”

Mulenga‘s impassioned plea serves as a rallying cry for clubs to embrace their role as guardians of football’s future, underscoring the transformative potential of investing in youth development programs for the collective advancement of Zambian football.

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