Chipolopolo’s Intense Prep for 2026 World Cup Qualifier

Chipolopolo’s Intense Prep for 2026 World Cup Qualifier

In the crisp evening air at the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola, the Chipolopolo national team dedicated themselves to rigorous preparation for the upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Congo Brazzaville.

Under the watchful eye of Coach Avram Grant and his seasoned technical staff, the players engaged in a dynamic training session that showcased a perfect blend of skill refinement and tactical acumen.

The floodlights cast a dramatic glow over the field, emphasizing the gravity of the forthcoming challenge.

The training environment echoed with the sounds of focused drills and strategic discussions, highlighting the team’s commitment to honing their abilities for the crucial match ahead.

Despite the serious tone of the session, there were moments of camaraderie and light-hearted banter, revealing a team that not only works hard but also maintains a positive and cohesive spirit.

As the players pushed their limits under the floodlit stadium, it was evident that the Chipolopolo were not just preparing physically but also forging a strong team bond essential for success on the international stage.

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