Chipolopolo Stars Set for World Cup Showdown with Congo Brazzaville

Chipolopolo Stars Set for World Cup Showdown with Congo Brazzaville

Anticipation is running high as Chipolopolo’s star players, including the dynamic trio of Fashion Sakala, Lameck Banda, and Rally Bwalya, brace themselves for the thrilling clash against Congo Brazzaville in the 2026 World Cup qualifier.
The spotlight is on Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola, where fans eagerly await the kickoff at 18:00.
These formidable players, known for their exceptional skills and strategic contributions, are expected to play pivotal roles in steering Zambia toward victory and securing a significant step forward in their World Cup journey.

The enthusiasm surrounding the upcoming match is not only confined to the field but extends to the accessibility of tickets.
Football enthusiasts can secure their spots in the stadium for as little as K50, an initiative aimed at making the event inclusive and ensuring that fans from all walks of life can partake in the exhilarating experience.

The convenience of obtaining tickets from Shoprite through CompuTicket adds an extra layer of accessibility, making it easier for supporters to be a part of this momentous occasion.

Before the high-stakes encounter, journalist Joseph Kangwa Kaluba shared a moment of camaraderie with the Chipolopolo players at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka.
This pre-match connection not only captures the spirit of unity within the team but also provides fans with a glimpse into the dedication and determination that these players bring to the pitch.
As the nation rallies behind them, the excitement builds, and the players, along with their supporters, embark on this journey with hopes of securing a triumphant result in the pursuit of World Cup qualification

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