Chess Prospects Nase and Prince Vie for Spots on National Team

Chess Prospects Nase and Prince Vie for Spots on National Team

NASE LUNGU, reflecting on the bitter disappointment of being eliminated during last year’s trials, emphasizes the determination to overcome challenges and make a successful comeback this year.
He shares that the experience was a tough pill to swallow, serving as a powerful motivator to elevate his game. As he progresses to the third phase of the National team trials, LUNGU is committed to showcasing his improved skills and strategic prowess.
Recognizing the intensifying competition in the upcoming knockout phase, he acknowledges the formidable opponents from the 2023 National team, adding an extra layer of pressure to secure a coveted spot this time around.

PRINCE MULENGA, who faced a setback in his quest for a place on the national team last year due to illness, is fueled by a deep desire to prove himself despite the challenges. Undeterred by the stiff competition, MULENGA expresses eagerness to reclaim his spot, emphasizing his resilience and dedication to the sport.
His determination shines through as he prepares to face off against formidable opponents, showcasing not only his strategic thinking but also his unwavering commitment to overcoming obstacles.
As both LUNGU and MULENGA set their sights on the National team, their stories underscore the resilience and passion that define their pursuit of excellence in the world of chess.

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