Charles Musonda refers to him as Great Kalu in a recent statement.

Charles Musonda refers to him as Great Kalu in a recent statement.

I nicknamed him the Great Kalu, and at first, he thought I was joking 😳

hhh Now, it’s become his trademark name, a statue figure!

In Zambia and beyond, only ba Zoom and 107 Ucar deserve his accolade status ❤️🙏

I was around 14 years old when Kalu started playing for Mighty. A few years later, we played together for six months before he left for Belgium. Kalu – Lusha was the name on everyone’s lips in Mufulira… Unbelievable 😳

He used to call me Charly until he decided to change it to Mr. Muzonda, reasons known only to himself 😂❤️

I remember him telling me every time we went into camp…

“Charly, some people are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them over and over again” 😳

Along the way, I started calling him Great Kalu. After that, I never heard him say that quote ever again. Probably, he was waiting for me to cement his belief 😳😂🤣

Here’s a fun story from a game against Zaire at Independence…

Kalu, after the nap – “Charly, we can’t afford to lose.”

Me – “Why not? Zaire is a formidable side ☹️.”

Kalu – “Supporters will beat us 😳😌.”

Me – “No way, we can’t lose at home, never never ☹️.”

Kalu – “I needed to hear that. Let’s go 😳👍.”

In the 88 Olympics against Italy, during a free kick…

Me – “Wall taili bwino bola kuti yapita outside 😳.”

Kalu – “Yes, yes, oh yes, namona 😳.”

Me – “Wait, let them think you’re passing the ball.”

Kalu – “Okay, walk slowly… boom, GOAL 🤣🤣🤣.”

Great Kalu has set the highest standard for any Zambian footballer, with unmatched achievements. Bravo! 👏👏👏

Zambia will produce another African footballer of the year in the future, but he won’t be like Kalu, the one I played with at Mighty, Cercle Brugge, and the Zambia National team…

Maybe if I had played more years without my knee injury, he would have scooped another one. I’m sure he knows that 🫢😂😂

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