• HELLEN MUBANGA: The Legendary Record Breaker

    HELLEN MUBANGA: The Legendary Record Breaker

    HELLEN MUBANGA: The Legendary Record Breaker An inevitable change in Zambia’s sports history struck when on mighty lady, Hellen Mubanga,…

  • Hijani Himoonde

    Hijani Himoonde

    Hijani Himoonde Date of birth: 1 August 1986 Place of birth: Ndola Height: Citizenship: Zambia Hijani Himoonde also known as…

  • Chisamba Lungu

    Chisamba Lungu

    Chisamba Lungu Date of birth: Jan 31, 1991 Place of birth: Kafue, Zambia Height: 1,78 m Citizenship: Zambia Chisamba Lungu…

  • Nathan Sinkala

    Nathan Sinkala

    Nathan Sinkala Date of birth: Nov 22, 1990 Place of birth: Chingola Zambia Height: 1,75 m Citizenship: Zambia  Position: midfield…

  • Kalusha Bwalya

    Kalusha Bwalya

    Kalusha Bwalya Date of birth: Aug 16, 1963 Place of birth: Mufulira Zambia Height: 1,77 m Citizenship: Zambia Zambia Bwalya…

  • Kennedy Mweene

    Kennedy Mweene

    Kennedy Mweene Date of birth: Dec 11, 1984 Place of birth: Lusaka Zambia Height: 1,86 m Citizenship: Zambia Zambia, South Africa…

  • Stoppila Sunzu

    Stoppila Sunzu

    Stoppila Sunzu Date of birth: Jun 22, 1989Place of birth: Chingola ZambiaHeight: 1,92 mCitizenship: Zambia ZambiaPosition: Defender – Centre-BackFoot: Right Stoppila…

  • Rainford Kalaba

    Rainford Kalaba

    Rainford Kalaba Date of birth: Aug 14, 1986Place of birth: Kitwe ZambiaHeight: 1,66 mCitizenship: ZambiaPosition: Attack – Left WingerFoot: Right…

  • Christopher Katongo

    Christopher Katongo

    Christopher Katongo  Date of birth: Aug 31, 1982Place of birth: Mufulira ZambiaHeight: N/ACitizenship: Zambia ZambiaPosition: attack – Centre-ForwardFoot: N/A Christopher…

  • Davies Nkausu

    Davies Nkausu Date of birth: Jan 1, 1986 Place of birth: Lusaka Zambia Height: 1,73 m Citizenship: Zambia , South…

  • Felix Katongo

    Felix Katongo

    Felix Katongo Date of birth: Apr 18, 1984 Place of birth: Mufulira Height: 1,75 m Citizenship: Zambia Felix Katongo is…

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