Bowman Lusambo said Kamanga’s Position Has Become Insupportable


Bowman Lusambo Said Kamanga’s Position Has Become Insupportable

“When we started the Andrew Kamanga Must Go Campaign, a number of people and organisations deemed our campaign frivolous and personal.

They thought we were out to get their man. Now that it is more clearer than day break that Zambian football under Mr Kamanga is as good as dead, we feel vindicated.

As tragic as it is, we should all come to accept the bitter truth that the FAZ Executive under Mr Kamanga has turned a once vibrant and thriving national sport into comatose state.

The Chipolopolo that turns up today on national assignment today donning that dreadful Kopa strip is unrecognizable from the team that conquered the big boys of Africa and the world with mesmerizing display of football skills wearing respectable global brands. Losing to nations such as Eswatini, Bostwana and Lesotho is unacceptable by any standards.

The buck stops at Mr Kamanga’s door. When he campaigned to enter Football House, he promised to recruit a World class Coach, well, if in Mr Kamanga’s head Coach Micho is world class, he surely doesn’t know anything about football.

For that reason alone, if Mr Kamanga has any iota of self respect and morals, he should never walk through the doors of Footall House as President again. He should immediately resign and apologize for embarrassing the nation and promise himself and his family to stay far away from anything to do with football.

We know the mess you have caused at Football House and we know that Andrian Kashala, the man you have forced to go on leave will one day tell the nation the full story when the time is right. You have conveniently pushed out Mr Kashala so that you can run Football House like a Kantemba, the same way you have operated your Tuntemba companies.

Moreover, by asking Mr Kamanga to resign today, we are merely reminding him of his own pledge on national TV to quit if the Chipolopolo don’t qualify to AFCON.

It’s close to 10 months now since he pledged and the team obviously didn’t qualify and they are now being reduced to football minions of the region.

Mr Kamanga, Sir, please leave our football alone and please carry your Micho with you. You have failed and it is no longer funny”.

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