Michael Dapaah, famously known as Big Shaq, has made a grand return to the music scene with a new track titled “Like Wot!” This Euro anthem for the English football team aims to rally support and boost morale as they navigate the European Championship. The song comes at a crucial time, following England’s hard-fought 1-0 victory over Serbia in their opening match.

“Like Wot!” features shoutouts to key players and even mentions coach Gareth Southgate, highlighting the collective effort needed for England’s success. The catchy anthem is designed to energize both the team and fans ahead of their next match against Denmark.

Big Shaq’s comedic genius and memorable lines from “Man’s Not Hot” are evident in this new track, ensuring it resonates with both long-time fans and new listeners. The accompanying video, filled with humor and football references, adds an extra layer of entertainment.

As England prepares for their clash with Denmark, “Like Wot!” serves as a perfect anthem to unite and uplift the team and their supporters.

Check out the video and join in the excitement as Big Shaq delivers another hit to back the Three Lions on their European Championship journey below.


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