Barcelona Set to Extend Contract with Xavi Hernandez, Deco Confirms

Barcelona Set to Extend Contract with Xavi Hernandez, Deco Confirms


Exciting developments are taking place at Barcelona, with the club’s director, Deco, making several significant announcements today, including the imminent extension of Xavier Hernández Creus, commonly known as Xavi, as the head coach.

Deco expressed his confidence in Xavi‘s capabilities, stating, “Xavi deserves a new contract, and it will be done soon. We really trust him as the head coach for our project.” This affirmation underscores the club’s commitment to Xavi’s leadership and vision.

In addition to the news regarding Xavi, Deco addressed other key matters:

Vitor Roque’s Arrival: Deco mentioned that Vitor Roque’s transfer would likely take place in January or the following year, as part of negotiations with Paranaense.

Loan Deals for João Félix and Cancelo: Barcelona has secured loan deals for João Félix and Cancelo, both without buy options. The club plans to assess their performance during the loan period and may consider keeping them if they excel.

Renewals for Alejandro Balde and Lamine Yamal: Deco confirmed that the renewals of Alejandro Balde and Lamine Yamal are already in progress, signaling a positive direction for the club’s future.

These announcements provide a glimpse into Barcelona’s ongoing efforts to shape their team and strengthen their position in domestic and international competitions. With Xavi at the helm and strategic transfer decisions on the horizon, Barcelona fans have reasons to be optimistic about the club’s future.

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