Captain Barbra Banda Declares Copper Queens Ready for Angola Clash

Captain Barbra Banda Declares Copper Queens Ready for Angola Clash

Barbra Banda, the esteemed captain of the Copper Queens, exudes confidence as she declares the team’s readiness for the upcoming clash against Angola. With a determined spirit and a sense of unfinished business, Banda emphasizes that there will be no room for relaxation in the camp.

The morale within the team is reported to be exceptionally high, and the players are eagerly anticipating the crucial game against Angola. Banda’s leadership on and off the field continues to inspire the squad as they prepare to face their opponents.

In a show of support for the younger players in the camp, Banda has encouraged them to maintain their hard work and dedication. The experienced captain believes that continued effort will enable the emerging talents to secure their positions in the first lineup, contributing to the overall success of the team.

Banda, who recently received a CAF nomination, sees this recognition as a testament to Zambia’s wealth of talent and the hard work exhibited by players on the field. Her words echo a sense of pride in the team’s achievements and a determination to leave a lasting impact on the African football stage.

As the Copper Queens gear up for the clash against Angola, fans and supporters are filled with anticipation, eager to witness the outcome of this pivotal match in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

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