Banda Leads Zambia Against Ghana in Paris 2024 Qualifier

Banda Leads Zambia Against Ghana in Paris 2024 Qualifier

In her interview, Barbara Banda highlighted the team’s mental preparation, emphasizing their determination to stay focused amidst the pressure of the high-stakes qualifier.
She emphasized the importance of maintaining composure and executing their game plan effectively.
Banda’s leadership role extends beyond the field, as she motivates her teammates to embrace the challenge and play with confidence.

The clash with Ghana presents an opportunity for Zambia to showcase their talent on the international stage. Banda expressed optimism about their chances, citing the team’s cohesion and strong work ethic as key factors that could tip the scales in their favor.
With the support of their fans and the determination to succeed, Zambia is poised to make a statement in the upcoming match.

As they gear up for the battle against the Black Queens, Banda urged her teammates to play with passion and pride, representing their country with honor.
She emphasized the need for discipline and unity, recognizing that success hinges on their ability to work together as a cohesive unit.
Banda’s words reflect a team ready to embrace the challenge, confident in their abilities and united in their goal to secure victory.

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